• About Carolyn

    Holistic Clinical Psychotherapist and Counsellor

    Post Grad Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy, CPE Adv, Grad Dip Spec Ed, Dip Ed, BA Arts

    ASPEA, PACFA Reg.Clinical 24553

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    "Trust in yourself as a bird trusts its wings to fly"

    Carolyn is a clinical psychotherapist and counsellor who has over twenty years' experience working in the Education sector and has been a pastoral/spiritual carer in Melbourne's hospitals for many years. Carolyn is offering hourly holistic psychotherapy and counselling sessions in Moorabbin.


    Carolyn supports people to develop better understanding of themselves and others, address lifes difficulties and make the changes they want in their lives. She draws on a wide range of therapy interventions and is highly skilled in working across the spectrum of life difficulties. Carolyn works with current challenges and longer term difficulties. She provides both short and longer term services according to people's needs.


    How does Carolyn work?

    Carolyn works within clearly contracted, ethical relationships to support people to explore and resolve life difficulties. She focuses on enhancing people's capacity to cope with specific life challenges in all areas of life and specifically in relationships, bereavement; grief and loss and anxiety. Carolyn provides guidance that will help resolve crises, reduce distress, develop goals for change and improve wellbeing. Her sessions also assist with problem solving and developing inner resources to move on with life in meaningful ways. Often people notice that the nature of their personal difficulties is repetitive. Similar issues arise time and time again in different contexts and relationships. Carolyn can help improve better self understanding and change long-standing patterns of behaviour that may be disrupting overall wellbeing, impacting on other areas of life in general.


    How will Carolyn support you?

    Carolyn has respect for her clients values, beliefs, uniqueness and their right to self-determination. Over time, the gentle, safe, non-judgemental nature of Carolyn's counselling sessions makes it possible to explore experiences and unknown parts of self. She can take you beyond where you can go by yourself.



  • PACFA Reg. Clinical 24553

    Book a Consultation

    Carolyn offers 60 minute Holistic Counselling consultations

    face to face, phone or zoom.

    Counselling available on weekdays.


    To book in a consultation, email Carolyn at withinawareness@gmail.com 

    or call on 0402 984 280


    Contact Carolyn for a free 20 minute phone session

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    Client Testimonials


    "Your counselling showed me a new way to think and reduce my stress"
    - Nina 2020


    "Thank you Carolyn, I feel much better after talking to you. I very much appreciate you for your kindness. I feel very comfortable and motivated after seeing you. Thanks so much for your valuable advice and support"
    - Kevin 2021


    "I am happy to inform you that I achieved the required PTE score to enrol into my nursing course. Furthermore, thank you very much for guiding me and motivating me in this hard situation. I achieved this because of your kind help and support"
    - Samuel 2021


    "When I started seeing Carolyn I was by many standards doing well, yet I had an unexplained sense of crisis that resulted in severe anxiety and panic attacks. Carolyn talked me through and guided me to excavate unaddressed trauma that I had held unconsciously for too long. She helped me develop techniques and skills to become more reflexive and capable of managing my emotions. Thank you so much Carolyn, you are a gem!”
    - Katarina 2022